Assistance Services Offered:


Air Freight

We are among leading Logistics service providers from India and specialises in large shipment services through air, water and land. Being a Logistics company, we also assists you in customs shipping documentation as per needs and helps you in finding out how to ship your belongings.

As specialists in International Freight Logistics we provide a fully coordinated service with collection at shipper’s premises to delivery at final destinations - including all freight movement, handling and documentation.

Our value added services include export pick and pack, unpack and repack and distribution. We also operate temperature controlled warehouse facility. All our transportation services are fully equipped and our movers are experienced, gracious and cautious.

We believe that communication, proper planning and logistics are crucial aspects of the relocation and shipping industry.


We are sure that once you are in contact with us, you are for ever with us. Just Call +91 81280 12399